Something put us together, five short years ago..
to be the best of friends..
Into the sisters, we would grow..
You've always been there from the very beginning..
to help me up when things have gotten dark..
and I've wanted to just let go.
Threw thick and thin, love and pain..
You've been my heart, my soul, my rock.

I thank the stars up above for sending my sister to me, For whom I truly love and care. We shared so many things together, Like laughter and some scares. But having you as my sister Means more to me, more than you'll ever know. I wouldn't trade you for anything. I will never let you go. As our friendship continues to grow, So will my love for you. Always remember the love I have for you. I'll be the best friend and sister.. you'll ever know.

Happy Birthday Twinner- By:With All My Love

-- † M a u r e †-- 

xoxoxox Happy Birthday to the Bestest Twinner of all xoxoxox

~ Back the Hell Up ~